Route 777 Slots

The promise of a long, long road stretching into the distance is provided in this game, which sees the Route 777 logo presented as a road sign, just as you would expect. But is this a long road to nowhere, or will it lead you to some prizes?

Route 777 comes to us from Elk, and the game screen itself might be surprising. It uses a 3 x 3 presentation and has lots of familiar icons on it. Think various colors of sevens, some fruit, and a road sign with a skull on it and some crossed wrenches. Okay, so that last one is more unusual, but it is a good indication of the odd twist being played into this game.

Surprisingly, you can win up to 400,000 coins playing this game - something that may not be immediately obvious when you check it out. But Route 777 provides you with 7,000 coins for the top prize, assorted smaller prizes, and five free spins if you get three of those skulls on a paid line. So, check out Route 777 to see where it takes you today. It could lead you straight towards some prizes.