Cash Out Fortune: Wouldn’t You Like to Cash Out Yours?

So, does Specialty Games give you a shot at cashing out your own fortune with this slot game? The title is appealing and the game is different from the usual slot game you’ve played before. It offers a chance to place your bets below before you watch the indicator go around the screen. There are various prizes to be won and there is a handy tutorial before you get started – we’d recommend you use it.

This game is going to put some people off and have others playing for prolonged periods. This isn’t a slot game of any description, but it is a game you’ll want to investigate. Look at the grid with the various prizes given, and see if you can pick a bet you end up matching up on the screen. The biggest prize is 48x your stake for the triple bar symbol, so if you manage that, you’ll be a happy player indeed.