Enjoy Great Features at Crystal Land Slots

If you like Playson games, we have one for you here called Crystal Land. Does that mean this land is filled with crystals? It appears so, and there are some intriguing features to look forward to as you play, as per the perks that appear on the page as the game loads. This is slow to load (or at least we found it was), but there is lots to read as it does so. And Crystal Land does have lots to commend it once you start playing.

You’ll see the game begins with a 7 x 7 grid in place, but not all spaces on the grid are available from the start. You begin on level one, with the hope of progressing through other higher levels as you play. Does this sound a little like Candy Crush and similar games? Well, maybe, but there are crystals and gems to collect and match here, so it is not the same at all. There are a couple wilds you can look for, and each level you progress through has a different feature to enjoy. You will need five or more identical crystals in a group to win a prize. This win will trigger new areas of the game field to be unlocked for a chance at bigger wins.

Unblocking rows will trigger new features to be unlocked in the game. Extra wilds, a bonus game, or a new level… you never know what is coming next in Crystal Land, and that is the main attraction. We love this game and we suspect you will too.