Mighty Black Knight : The Mighty Slot

Not a real knight, of course – at least, not one you will meet. But there is a knight in this game and he appears in the opening image. Yes, he is dressed in black armor, too, with a black and gold shield and sword. But is he going to be friend or foe? It’s about time we found out, don’t you think?

This is an unusual game because it has a 5 x 5 reel format… except there is an additional 5 x 5 grid above that one. This appears darkened to start with, although there is a chance to unlock it to reveal extra chances to win prizes here. These Mighty Reels, as they are known, reveal this to be a more unusual game than you may have thought. It also means you get 100 win lines to contend with… lovely!

With a jackpot that reaches into five figures and a chance to win some free spins as well, the Mighty Black Knight slot game boasts many appealing features. Will this be a game you will enjoy playing if you get the chance to try it? Don’t miss the Mighty Black Knight slot today, not to mention everything it can offer by way of prizes.