Cupcake Rainbow

Okay, so what’s so innovative about Cupcake Rainbow? Well, we do love the title but there is more to it than that. The game is played on a five-reel, four-row grid, but there is another hidden row above these which may come into play later. Look at the dice on the reels, not to mention those cupcakes too, of course.

The game offers a host of intriguing features, including the chance to get cascading clusters of symbols. Whenever you get three or more adjacent symbols that match, these create a cluster that then disappears. You will then get another spin to see if any other wins can be formed.

With a streak gauge for winning spins, a jackpot, multipliers and much else besides, you can see that Cupcake Rainbow is no ordinary slot game. Gaming 1 has created a stunner here, and we’d recommend you have a look.