Totem Jungle

The Totem Jungle – now, we like that name for a slot, but will the game be good enough to play over a long period? This is a slot game where everything is provided on the one page, including the paytable, which should alert you to the fact it has just three reels. There are lots of icons here, and many of them will be instantly recognizable.

Why is this? Simply because the game offers diamonds of various colors, and cherries, oranges, bells, and other familiar icons as well. The top prize is granted for three blue diamonds on a line, followed closely by three red ones, and then three green ones. We say ‘a’ line because the game surprisingly offers eight of them.

As you can guess, the game is more basic than you may have guessed… but hang on, select the ‘change game’ option and you will see a whole new set of reels and icons to play for. So, if you like something completely different, the Totem Jungle slot does deliver on that promise.