Dice on Fire

The RTP for Dice on Fire reaches north of 96%, which is good to know, but will this slot game tempt you into trying to win prizes? You could win as many as 60,000 coins playing this slot, but since not everyone will achieve that, does it offer enough to keep you playing?

The game has six reels and it also has six sides of a die shown above those reels. As you spin, you will see dice appearing on the reels. When they do, you will complete the dice combination at the top. Once you have found them all, you will receive some free spins.

Scatter symbols may also appear, and there are prizes worth up to 50,000 coins for getting five 7s on a line. So, while Dice on Fire may look complex, once you get the hang of it, and you’ve tried a sample spin or two, you can look forward to playing it for longer.