Cleopatra (from Twinoplay)

Cleopatra must surely be one of the most popular females in the world of online slots. Since slot games set in ancient Egypt are hardly rare either, you can expect to see Cleo popping up all over the place.

She makes yet another appearance here, too, in the Twinoplay game of the same name. She did rule Egypt, of course, so she is pretty important, but other iconic symbols also crop up in this game. Look for the Sphinx, the beetle, and the asp, for example.

The game takes on a cartoon theme, which is a change, for sure. It only has nine paylines, too, so even though there are five reels you shouldn't have any problems covering all those lines. You can win some free spins here - as many as 40 in total - and there is an instant prize opportunity if you hit the bonus round, too. So, will Cleopatra guide you to where the best prizes lay?