Super Crystals

Super Crystals comes from Nucleus Gaming, which should reveal something about the game you are about to discover. You can win up to 200,000 coins in this game, and that alone makes it worth considering. With a progressive jackpot on offer and plenty of other features too, this is a game to enjoy.

The game is given a 3D effect by lines and moving lights going from the front to the back on either side of the reels. The crystals used as the symbols (along with a few other things, such as the number 7, for example) stand out in bright colors. This game only gives you 10 lines, but that makes it easy to bet on everything, don't you agree?

You must bet the maximum amount to try for the jackpot prize, but there is a wild in play to make things more interesting if you decide to bet less than that. Super Crystals isn't the best game we've seen, but it is worth looking at.