El Jackpotto Slots

Well, it doesn’t take much thought to realize El Jackpotto is referring to a jackpot of some sort. We’re guessing you’d like a shot at winning one of those, and we also suspect you might guess the theme behind El Jackpotto. The Mexican element fits nicely with that title, doesn’t it? But will this slot deliver on what appears to be a nice entertaining theme, or will it fall short?

El Jackpotto comes to us from Blueprint Gaming, and it has an opening screen that reveals we are in El Luchador territory here. That reveals a wrestling-style game, and El Jackpotto turns out to be the name of one of the characters in this slot. The five reels are set into the side of a trailer though, and there are 20 lines you could scoop prizes on. You’ll see lots of Mexican themes running throughout the icons that will appear as you play.

There are lots of exciting elements in this game, including super stacked El Jackpotto logos, a Bones character scatter that can trigger The Ultimate Luchador Bonus, and a chance to move up the ladder to get one of five bonuses. El Jackpotto can also appear at random on any spin, awarding you one of five amazing bonus features. These are all quite amusing, with Tomato Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Colossal Fart (yes, you read that right), Chilli Sauce, and the Super Fart Bonus Reel all possibilities. This game does have some humor behind it, and we like it all the more for that. Will you be amused at El Jackpotto, and will the bonuses reveal some major prizes for you if you play?