Fa Fa Fa Slots

The first thing we thought of when we saw the name for this slot game was the Fa Fa Twins, a recent release from Betsoft. But no – this game called Fa Fa Fa is a new release from Genesis. You might have guessed at an Oriental theme for this one, and you are correct if you did think that. Fa means several things in Chinese, including to open, and to lack. Hopefully, though, you won’t be lacking in prizes when you play this new slot.

The image looks good for this game, which has a more unusual 3 x 3 layout and just one bet line. This means you can see the icons above and below the line that don’t land on the line itself. The Fa symbol will appear in three colors in the game, and that’s it – you don’t get any other symbols to look for. The idea is to get three identically-colored symbols on the payline, so you can win the prize for that color. Red is the best one to get, with blue next and then green. You can also win a prize if you get three of any color on the payline.

Fa Fa Fa is a fine-looking game, and is very simple to understand and play. That’s good for some, but it may leave other players wanting more. If you like three-reel games, give it a try and see what you think.