Yoyo’s Wild Slots

Do you remember yoyos? Do you have one? Can you use it?! We’re no good at using them, but it doesn’t mean we’re not intrigued to see this Yoyo’s Wild slot release fresh from Eyecon. In fact, we can play this without worrying about whether we can use them or not. That’s a good thing, right?

Well, we’re some time out from seeing all the details about this slot game. So, we can only guess what might be in store for us here. The title image has been released though, and it looks pretty cool.

We can see two yoyos used for the O’s in the title – cool pink ones that look as though there are flashing lights involved. And since we also have the word ‘wild’ in the title, does that give us a clue to how the game might progress? Could this be a game we could enjoy with lots of wilds in play? Only time will tell. But we are ready to check out the possibilities from Eyecon here – and you should be too.