Railroad Express Slots

Magnet Gaming has come up with some amazing ideas for slots just lately. So, do they have another one in the shape of Railroad Express? We sure hope so, because the image that goes with this game looks great, even though it is in 2D. There is enough detail there to give it some real depth, which you’ll see when you check out the game that was released on January 15th.

This isn’t a huge game – it is built on a 3 x 3 matrix, but that is still enough to give us eight lines to play on. You’ll see guns, corn, letters, and coal – all things we guess would be relevant to a railroad. Maybe some things are being transported on the railroad, while the guns might be used to hold up a railcar?

Even though Railroad Express has just eight lines, it fits in four bonus games. These are the Golden Mountain, Railroad Builder, Coal Wagon, and Game Chance games. We can’t think of another 3 x 3 slot with that many bonuses in; lots of them don’t have any. The detail in each of the games makes this slot well worth playing. You might also get the opportunity to shoot for one of the two progressive jackpots the game involves. Wouldn’t that be a great way to end a session playing this game?