Fire and Ice Island Slots

We don't often encounter an anime-themed slot game, so it's always a pleasure to find a game that looks the part. We can certainly say that of Fire and Ice Island from Genesis, which gives us a dynamic scene to view as soon as we load it. The fire and ice elements are noted in that scene, and perhaps suggest some of the features we might find in the game.

While this has five reels, there are no paylines present. Genesis has gone with 243 ways to win for the format. The scatter symbol looks like a yin-yang symbol, with half in flames and the other half looking like ice. Meanwhile, the wild is a substitute that will replace many other icons. It doesn't replace the scatter though, nor does it replace the target symbols. The target looks like a treasure chest, oddly, but whenever it appears, it will be replaced by a random symbol. So, if you find three targets on the reels in a spin, each one will be replaced by the same symbol. This provides a better chance of scooping a win with that symbol.

Fire and Ice Island has a detailed paytable, which is a good thing for this game. It reveals the various attack modes that may occur when the target appears. Meanwhile, it reveals three scatters landing on the odd reels will bring seven free spins. This reveals one of three features once you choose a scattered chest. Confused? Don't worry - just download and play the game. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.