Fire Ball Action Keno

Or, to put it another way, fancy playing some Fire Ball Action Keno-style? That’s the offering we have here, and if you’re new to Keno, it might just prove to be the perfect introduction.

The game has four tickets on the screen, with a grid in the middle showing the balls that are released. If you haven’t tried this game before, you will soon see it is much like bingo, but with a few twists to it.

The idea is you make a bet on each ticket, and then as the balls are released, you can see whether any of your bets were successful. Numbers will be revealed on each one so you don’t need to mark them off, and you can also see whether any of the Fire Ball numbers are marked off on each one. If you are completely new to this, try the demo version as it is the same as the real one, but it has no payments to make. This means you don’t win prizes, of course, but you can check out the options and see how it all works. You never know, Fire Ball Action could be coming your way…