Leaders of the Free Spins World Slots

Isn’t this a great title? We think you will like the image of five familiar people on the title screen, too. Did we spot Cleopatra and Winston Churchill among the famous people there? We think we did. This already looks set to be an inspired slot game, and since it comes from Inspired Gaming, that makes total sense.

But let’s dive in and see what the game itself can offer. For starters, it offers different levels, and we can spot different locations that seem to relate to the five characters that appear on the screen. We are also treated to unique bonus features in Leaders of the Free Spins World… and could one of those be free spins, we wonder? Level one begins with Cleopatra, and you can then move on and unlock a further four levels. These will feature Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Lincoln, and Churchill respectively.

Leaders of the Free Spins World features a 5 x 4 reels format, which means there are lots of icons spinning into view with each spin you make. You do get a wild and some expanding symbols too, but the bonus symbols and elements are the main attraction here. Try spinning the wheel to unlock a new bonus part of the game, or get some tokens to earn some extra free spins. This game looks set to be a massive hit – do you agree, and will you give it a try?