Meet Four Divine Beasts with Habanero

Look closely at the detailed image that surrounds the title of this game from Habanero and you will see the four divine beasts of the title. Don't be too surprised to see those beasts on the five reels of this game either. Be aware they can appear over more than one of the three icons per reel as well. There are bonsai trees here too, all of which reveal the theme in this Four Divine Beasts slot game. Are you ready for some drama in the land of myth and legend?

We tend to like slots with this theme, and this is not a disappointment. Meet the dragon, the fabled phoenix, the tiger, and the tortoise, as shown in the title image. These are supposedly luck bringers, but will they prove lucky for you? There are 243 ways you could win with each spin of the reels here, so let's see how fortunate each spin could be.

Four Divine Beasts brings forth a pleasing mix of icons to look for. The reels spin smoothly and the wild is kept nice and easy to spot as the word itself. Three of the familiar yin-yang symbols on reels two, three, and four will trigger some free games. These could have a feature trigger which relates to one of the four beasts of the title. Another perk to remember about the Four Divine Beasts slot game is the ability to play it on mobile devices if you'd prefer that to your computer. This is one game you won't want to miss, as it is packed with intriguing and pleasing elements.