Gods of Fortune Slots

This title comes from Gameplay Interactive, and uses one of the most popular themes in today's world of slot games. You won't feel as though you are treading over old ground here, though, purely because the graphics are amazing. You will want to appreciate them for a moment before you even get started. We did!

The game works on just three reels, with three positions available on each for the various Chinese-inspired icons to land on. There are only eight lines in play, but since that is a lucky number in Chinese cultures, we think that is only very appropriate for the game. Perhaps it would be lucky for you as well. Why not find out by playing Gods of Fortune Slots now?

There are no special features to look for here - no free spins or bonus elements. But with a very detailed game screen, we should look on this game as a beautiful and souped-up version of a regular three-reel slot - and one you are likely to really enjoy, too.