Gumball Blaster

Fancy some gumball? If you remember those machines, or you’ve seen them recently, you’ll have an idea what the game may look like. This game puts a whole new spin on the usual slot game, because there is a gumball machine next to the reels, and you get a reward from it with each spin.

What does this mean? Well, the gumballs are worth different things. For example, you could win a credit prize, some free spins, a random multiplier, a symbol upgrade or added wilds. The reels are invisible, so you merely see the symbols floating on the screen, but there are some classic items here, including a robot and a toy pistol.

Spin the reels and you will see what pops out of the gumball machine. Will it simply be gum, or can you expect something better to crop up? Only time will tell, but you have more to watch here than just the reels, that’s for sure.