Geppetto’s Toy Shop

Geppetto is, of course, the man who created Pinocchio. Here, you get to have a look inside his toy shop, as envisaged by Nucleus Gaming. You see a hazy version of the game while it loads, followed by some features promoted before you enter the game itself. And there is plenty to look forward to.

For example, you can play across three worlds in this slot game - Geppetto's workshop, a puppet show and Pinocchio's classroom. There are also different features depending on whether you play as Pinocchio or unlock real-boy mode. Yes, this game is very different from anything you might have played before!

The superb 3D graphics and features included in the game make this a must-see. If you want to see just how much is on offer, you can always try the demo version, because this does include everything you should expect from the game. Don't miss a chance to play Geppetto's Toy Shop slots today!