Jack Cadillac 27 Slots

We’re all familiar with the classic Cadillac – a red beauty you might still see around today. You will spot her in the Jack Cadillac 27 game from Wazdan too – a games provider that has been busy of late, releasing some great new titles for players to try. This is just one of them, but is it among the best of the bunch?

You may have guessed from the title that the game features 27 winlines. No prizes for guessing that, but you get lots of chances to win in this three-reel, three-row slot, thanks to the increased payline amount. The game features some nice driving elements too – most notably the chance to shift into reverse and rewind a reel to snag a chance of winning when you just missed out. That’s a neat feature!

The game has some neon signs, license plates, caution signs, and rusty oil cans. Look out for the pink dice too. The game is rendered in 3D and you can take the chance to try and double your money if you want to gamble a prize on trying to win more. We’re not keen on this feature in any slot game, but it is nice it is included for those who do want the option to use it. So, Jack Cadillac 27 is a cool game and one we believe you will enjoy.