Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Has Betsoft done it again? This software developer has long been at the leading edge of slot game innovation. Now, they’ve come up with the new Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots – and you’ll notice the huge clue provided in the cinematic part of the title. This is no ordinary slot game. Instead, they’ve managed to combine the fun of a regular slot game with a more immersive adventure game. What is the outcome? Well, opinions will probably be divided, but we love what we’ve seen so far, and we’re betting many will try to be first in the queue to play Max Quest.

They’ve chosen a popular theme for this game too – ancient Egypt. You’ll head into the tombs to find out what lies within. With mummies and Pharaoh Gods lurking in the darkness, who knows what your next move will bring? The trailer reveals what looks to be a stunning 3D adventure game – the likes of which Betsoft has never released before. We need to wait a while before we see the game itself – the official website for Max Quest reveals (as of the end of May 2018) there are over 100 days before the game is unleashed.

We haven’t seen any reels yet, so we don’t know how the combination of adventure game and slots will work. However, with Betsoft in control of the game, we think there is every reason to keep a close eye out as the year progresses. 2018 could be a big year for Betsoft – and for slot players too. Max Quest – coming soon!