Mobster Lobster

It’s not every day you bump into a mobster lobster, is it? In fact, we can’t say it has ever happened to us. Mind you, we have a chance to see the very guy here, and he is set to appear in the game bearing his name.

The Mobster Lobster slot features a cartoon setting under the sea, and while the color palette is unusual, it is certainly more appealing than anything else we’ve seen in a while. It looks very different, and you will spot many other symbols apart from the familiar 10, J, and Q ones featured in other games, too. Take the wild guns icon, for example, and the foxy feminine fish, too!

There are some other gangster-style characters appearing in Mobster Lobster, including the man himself (should we say crustacean?), and there are 49 lines to play on here, too. That’s good news for anyone wanting to play lots of lines for a small outlay – as little as 49 cents per spin. The game also offers a scattered bonus shell, and four or more trigger some free spins for you when they appear on the middle three reels.