NICE Slots

Hmm, NICE… what can we make of that title? Well, it does appear in capitals, and there is an astronaut character (or at least a woman who looks like one) in the image too. She is holding a blue gem, so this could be a game that boasts an out-of-this-world theme. Since it is released by Foxium, we have yet to determine whether that is correct.

However, since that opening title image is such a good one, with great detail involved, we guess this could be a successful and appealing game. We have discovered it has five reels, but beyond that, the paylines or ways to win formatting is uncertain. The fantastical space theme does seem to be in play though, so let’s hope we can get the most out of it when we play.

Foxium has introduced us to some nice slots over time, so we have high hopes for this one. We wonder whether the NICE title means the game hopes to live up to that, or whether those letters stand for something else. Will you be with us to find out?