Ras Legend Slots

When you see the Red Tiger Gaming name associated with a slot, it is always worth exploring in more detail. You can also guess the title Ra’s Legend is associated with an Egyptian theme, and you wouldn’t be wrong on that. Here, we focus on Ra, the Sun God, and he may award you the chance to win as much as 1,000x your bet.

The game opens at the top of a Golden Pyramid, moving down through several levels to reach the five reels below. These are positioned between two pillars, and you’ll notice there are four rows in action here instead of just three. There is a wheel bonus to go for if you find three of the relevant wheel bonus symbols to access it. Meanwhile, you will discover more about the golden pyramid should you be fortunate enough to find the House of Ra symbol three times, as this permits entry into the House of Ra. What could you discover and win there?

Ra’s Legend slots also bring with them sacred wilds, and as you might guess, these are better than regular ones. They lock into place on the reels for a set number of spins, thereby increasing your winning odds by a greater amount than you might expect. With top-paying symbols locked into appearing on golden reels as chosen by Ra himself, this slot is no ordinary game. In fact, it may just be one of the best Egyptian-themed games we have ever seen.