Arrows Edge Showcases the Showcase Slot Game

Do you love gameshows? If you do, you now have the chance to take part in one yourself. You won’t appear on television, though – instead, you will choose to play this game from Arrows Edge as one of the two contestants shown. Showcase slots can be played as Carol or Tim, so which one will you choose? Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to begin the game!

How many reels and lines are included in this slot game?

The format is familiar here – you have five reels to accommodate 20 win lines.

What could you wager on it?

There are plenty of coins to choose from as you make your bets. Try betting as little as two cents per coin, or going north to reach $12 a time.

Showcase special symbols

The two contestants take important roles in the Showcase slot game. The male contestant acts as a substitute. He will replace most icons involved in the slot, but not the female contestant. She is your scatter and will reward you with scatter prizes if enough of them appear. If you get a line win that includes a wild icon, the win is doubled.

Showcase bonus features

The scatter is the trigger to unlock 15 free spins in this game. Better still, you can enjoy prizes worth three times their usual amounts. There is a chance to win further free games in the same manner, but if you do this, the multiplier is not involved in any wins.

You might also spot a bonus wheel in play as you try this slot. If it should appear on reels two and four together, you will see the big wheel appear. Spin it to determine your prize! If you want to go for a bigger prize, you can spin it again, but you must then accept the second prize – even if it is smaller than the first one was. Will you risk your prize to shoot for a better one, and if so, will you be glad you did – or will you regret it?

Will you download and play the Showcase slot today?

That’s the question you must answer, and we would recommend you do give this one a try. If you are unsure, try the demo version first. This plays the same as the main version, so you can enjoy how it works without risking your budget if you want to try it first.