Sizzling 6 Slots

No doubt you’ve heard of Novomatic already. Well, now you have a chance to play another of their slot games, known by the curious name Sizzling 6. Let’s see whether the number six has a role to play here, and whether that applies to multipliers, reels, or other elements of the game.

Well, it turns out the game has six reels, which is a more unusual sight in slot games today. There are a few others around, but not many. Aside from that, you have five lines to bet on, and lots of fruity icons to look for as you spin the reels. Watch for cherries, lemons, blueberries, and even gold stars. We even spotted a joker, but will the joke be on you or will it be useful?

The joker has the usual perk of substituting for everything, with just one exception. This is the gold star, which is used here as a scatter icon. This triggers prizes to be won if you get enough of them, no matter where they land. But the biggest prizes in Sizzling 6 are reserved for occasions when you fill the screen with blueberries, so make sure you have a shot at doing just that!