La Mascara de Oro Slots

Are you familiar with Zorro? If so, you’ll recognize the character in La Mascara de Oro, a slot game from MGA. This game is presented in Spanish, so you’ll need to translate as you go along, or simply wing it to see how it works. Mind you, if you are going to do that, we’d highly recommend you try the free version first, so you can safely figure things out before placing any real bets.

La Mascara de Oro has three reels, and the masked figure appears to the right of these. The game has some 3D elements, as you will see when you see him standing there. However, it doesn’t look of the same standard as many other 3D games you will be familiar with. You will see lots of fruit on the reels, but Zorro’s hat is there, too.

The good news is this game allows you to nudge the reels – a feature that could be beneficial if you see you are close to a winning combination. Whenever you win something, you can either take the prize or gamble your winnings to try and improve them, or to win some tokens. And it is those tokens that will take you into a second level of the game, complete with three reels and as many as eight paylines.