Star Drop Slots

Good if you like stars, anyway! Star Drop is a slot game unlike anything else you may have seen. When the game loads, you will see a huge array of stars and gems on the screen. We didn't mention reels, because the game doesn't have any. On closer inspection, it has a grid measuring nine icons long by nine icons wide. In the middle, there is a larger symbol that looks a bit like a target.

The game has been designed to play well on mobile devices, but you can happily play it on any computer, too. It may look familiar as it is based on the popular selection of matching games online. The idea is to find matching groups of symbols to try and snag a win. There is a golden wild involved too, which could help you towards some wins, and lots of other features.

These features include a Bomb, a Super Nova feature, and a chance to win a jackpot as well. We'd recommend playing this in demo mode first, just so you can get the hang of how it works. But with bets from 10 cents a time, the Star Drop game looks set to be another popular release from Spike Games.