Slots of Money Slots

Slot games do give us the chance to win some money, so perhaps that is where this title comes from. BetDigital created this new game, and it is presented as a video slot. There is a neon sign showing us the title, along with a crown and the S of Slots shown as a dollar sign. This all sounds very promising so far, so will it deliver?

The game uses a five-reel format, but it has a different appearance to the one you might expect. It uses hexagonal spaces for each icon to appear in. This means you get a 3-4-3-4-3 appearance instead of having just three icons per reel. It is a refreshing change, even though some of the icons present us with just the usual J, Q, and A images. There are casino chips, bar symbols, and diamonds here as well.

The best thing about the hexagonal format is that you don’t rely on paylines to award wins. Instead, you need only find groups of identical symbols touching each other to trigger prizes. It might take a little getting used to, but it provides a nice alternative to the usual payline format. Add in the perk of a Casino Chip Bonus and a Mini Slot Bonus, and we have the makings of an exciting new game in Slots of Money.