Starlight Slots

Hmm. A simple title, this one, so does that mean we get a simple slot game, too? The opening image brings us a view into space, with a rocket ship of some sort orbiting a planet. There are other shapes here too – ones you will also see on the reels of the game.

There are five reels here, which are shown suspended over the background image. You’ll see the ship, various shapes, and some planets spinning into position. You also get 10 lines to place bets on in the Starlight slot (from Spigo, in case you were wondering).

Interestingly, there are two wilds in the game – both fizzing with energy, one appearing as a blue orb and the other as a fiery one. The game includes a wild feature – and a very complex one it is too. Thankfully, we are given instructions inside the paytable, so you can see how it works. There are compasses, four different outcomes, and spreading suns involved! Suffice to say, this game does boast more than you might expect to begin with, which alone makes it well worth a try. The suns are the key to big wins here, so bear that in mind.