The Smashing Biscuit Slots

We should say who is behind The Smashing Biscuit, because this game reveals the name to be that of a rock band. In this case, we have a cartoon rock band to meet. They are amusing to look at – a drummer, a bassist, and a lead guitarist – and there are some fans at the forefront, watching them… although you may not spot them at first. The design is understated so all the attention is on the band members.

So, how does The Smashing Biscuit slot game work around these characters? Well, we don’t know exactly how it will pan out, because we’ve got a chance to play it only from March 6th this year. It does appear to be a 5 x 3 format game though, with 20 lines to try and win on. There is also a chance to win up to 100,000 coins, so if you decide to make the maximum bet you could experience an epic win, as one of the screens says.

Some of the characters appear with chains around their icon spaces. There is a wild icon that’s easy to read, along with a free spins icon designed in much the same way. You also get standard playing card symbols that are all designed as guitars! We like the look of this game, but until we can play it for real, we can only give a rough idea of what these band members and The Smashing Biscuit band will have in store for us.