Spectrum Slots

Are you old enough to remember the classic 80s computer games, almost-ancient forerunners to today’s awesome titles? If you are, you might get a case of nostalgia playing Spectrum, which is available from Novomatic now.

The game has 243 ways to win and therefore uses five reels, as anything less wouldn’t be enough. The game is filled with classic symbols such as cherries and bar symbols, but they have all been given a neon Eighties makeover. You get a wild symbol – using just that word – and this replaces everything else.

The best part of the game is the reel-locking feature. This means every spin begins with two reels locked together, so the same symbols appear in the same positions on each one. As the reels spin, three, four, or even all five reels may end up spinning in unison. If this occurs, you will end up winning numerous prizes. And remember, every spin guarantees at least two reels spin together. The game works best when the leftmost reels spin together, as this increases the odds of snagging some prizes. But Spectrum is more fun to play for a basic-looking game than you’d think, anyway.