Sizzling Peppers Slots

That's the question we think every player will be asking when they load the Sizzling Peppers slot game from Stake Logic. This game takes on the appearance of a classic slot game in some ways - for example, the lights flash on the screen, and you get the paytable included without needing to look elsewhere to find it.

But the game does offer something different, too. For example, you will see six reels in all, although it turns out to be a twin player game where you get three reels in each of two sets. Each set then has five lines to play, so it looks a little different and takes some getting used to before you start.

You will see some classic symbols here, including bar symbols and bells, but of course, the main ones are peppers. Any mix of peppers can win prizes, but a mix of them is a good thing to get, too. With mystery wins, bar prizes, and a 95% minimum RTP, the Sizzling Peppers slot does manage to give players something different to enjoy that still has a classic feel to it.