Try Your Luck with a New Form of Baccarat

If you've looked at baccarat before, you may have been put off by high betting stakes that normally go with it. However, online baccarat has had a much-needed makeover, and you can now wager on the outcome of each game from a dollar a time.

Baccarat is unusual in that you don't play it. Instead, you guess whether you're going to see one of three outcomes. The player could win, the banker could win, or they could tie. Guess correctly and you win your bet. It's that easy. And since everything in the new mobile-optimized version of baccarat is automated, you have just two things to focus on. Firstly, you must choose which outcome you think will happen, and secondly, you must decide on the amount you want to bet on that outcome.

Baccarat is a card game, and it assigns values to most of the cards available. Aces count as a point each, and all the numbered cards have their respective numbers as values. If the player or banker receives one or more picture cards in their hand, they count for zero each. But you don't need to keep track of the totals. All you must do is guess which side is going to end up with a total closest to nine. Guess correctly, and the win is yours! And remember, you can guess for a tie, too. How lucky will you be when placing bets on the new and easy-to-play baccarat game?