Tasty Win Slots

The mere mention of something tasty makes us salivate, and we did get a hankering for some candy when we first saw the Tasty Win slot. This uses a similar format to some other games from the Spinomenal collection, as you will soon see. That’s no bad thing, however, because it has plenty of potential.

Firstly, the game offers four reels instead of the usual five, although you do still get three rows of icons popping up. On the left of these reels, there is a column featuring the message 5 MORE. We’ll come to this in a moment.

The first thing to note about the Tasty Win slot is that prizes are not granted in the usual way. Instead of getting matching symbols on a line, you must simply find five or more identical symbols to win. The more you get, the bigger the prize. Some symbols are worth more than others, too, with the blue gummi bear worth the most of all.

If you spin the reels and you don’t win anything, the message on the left will change to 4 MORE. Five non-winning spins means you go into free spins mode. This will then continue until you get a winning spin, at which point you receive that prize and then return to paid spins. This guarantees you’ll win something eventually, without needing to spend lots on spins to get your prize.