Time Warp Guardian

Playson has produced some lovely slot games recently, and now we have Time Warp Guardian to look at, too. A cut scene gives you an idea what is going on before you play, but since we have an obvious title packed with clues, you could skip past this with no issues.

Time Warp Guardian places you in a street where the guardian watches over your progress on the reels. The detail - and particularly the depth - of the screen is excellent, and more unusual than the average slot, too. Watch for the cars passing by in the background. There are different pays options in free spins and the base game, so do check the paytable before you start, as this makes life easier when exploring what the game can offer.

Time Warp Guardian can send you into several periods in history too, including the Jurassic period, an ancient period, and the distant future. These are all separate free spins features, so there is a lot to play for when you give Time Warp Guardian a try.