Tokidoki Lucky Town

Tokidoki Lucky Town is an odd slot unless you know the history of it. IGT has created a game based around a Japanese brand, so if you know about that brand, you’ll recognize most of the cute characters in the game. You don’t need to be up to speed on that, though, as you’ll soon find out.

You get five reels and 40 paylines in this game, and you play 60 coins per spin since the game also includes a feature, so the extra coins cover this as well. The game has a Reel Reveal feature built into it, and each reel has its own revealed character that could appear. For example, you’ll find Caramella on the first reel and Truffle on the second. Each one has a different feature associated with it, so watch and spin and see what happens when one of the cute characters appears.

Crossed bones with a love heart above them feature as the wild symbol. There are two versions of this – one in black and white that’s a standard wild, and one with a yellow background that has a x2 multiplier attached to it. As you can see, Tokidoki Lucky Town does offer a lot!