Voodoo Candy Shop Deluxe Slots

Well, there’s a question to think about. You can find a few voodoo-related slots online if you look hard enough, so what does this Beefee-created slot offer in terms of prizes and features? Well, it has a busy-looking design, that’s for sure, but that is no bad thing. It does well to tie in the candy and voodoo themes, too – probably one of the more unusual combos we’ve seen in a slot game.

You can play on 20 lines over five reels here, and the top prize is worth 5,000 credits. This is triggered if you can find five women on a line, as she represents a high-paying voodoo woman. Another perk she offers aside from the biggest prize is the ability to appear stacked on the reels. Watch for the lamp to appear too, because this is your wild icon. There is also a candlestick that appears as a scatter icon.

The key feature here is clearly the stacked symbols, which have the potential to make every spin into a delightful one that could reveal some nice wins. If you love free spins, this is not the game to play, but other than that, there is lots to look for and enjoy in Voodoo Candy Shop Deluxe.