Voodoo Shark

Perhaps the second part of that question should be: 'And can it win you any prizes? Because of course, we are talking about a slot game here, this time from Merkur, and it looks very foreboding when you load it. The background features trees growing in some murky water, and you just sense there is a shark or two in there.

Fortunately, you don't need to go in there to look for sharks. You just need to look on the reels to see what might turn up. There are only five lines here, but you get three large reels with three positions on each. These make room for some voodoo-style features and icons to appear.

The paytable for Voodoo Shark gives us some clues to what we can expect, namely that the shark itself holds the key to the best prizes. And since there are only three reels, just three of each icon are required to win the relevant prize each time. But the best feature is the Rewin Feature, triggered by getting a screen filled with just one icon in each position. Can you achieve this to see what comes next?