Play a Different Game Every Day in the April Showers Tournament

April is nearly upon us, and with that news comes some great news from two of the best casinos online at the moment. You may already be familiar with Liberty slots casino and Lincoln casino - in fact, you may be a member of one or both of them already. If so, you may have heard about the April Showers tournament coming your way very soon. We've put together more information about it right here.

Did we say tournament? We meant tournaments - plural!

Yes, this is a month-long event and you will soon see how exciting it will be for those who decide to take part. Every single day throughout April will present you with an opportunity to try and win $300. That's not bad, especially when you think you have 30 opportunities to take part in these tournaments.

Every single day, a new April Showers tournament will take place. What's more, a completely different game will be chosen for the tournament each day, so there is no chance of you getting bored at any point!

You can play the tournaments at either Lincoln Casino or Liberty Slots. These casinos are hugely popular and are set to remain so, especially with such great games and tournaments available all the time.

Check out the tournaments pages on these two casino websites to find out more about the games available every day during April.

A $500 prize pot daily

Yes, it's true - at each casino, there will be a total prize pot of $500 every single day of April. If you take part in these tournaments, you not only stand a chance of being in with a shot of winning the top prize, you could win a smaller prize if you come in another winning position instead.

It's a great way to get involved with some new games

Think about it - there will be 30 games used as daily tournament opportunities in April. That means you could win a great prize on any of the days you take part in the tournaments. Moreover, you could end up playing some games you have never tried before, and it would be a great way to find out more about them.

If you want to take part in these tournaments, make sure you have an account with either Liberty Slots or Lincoln Casino, ready to begin the month of April in style! And good luck!