Winner Hits Big on Triple Triple Gold

Everyone loves a big payout at the casino, including the casino, so the news is always received well. This is likely because it reinforces that online casino wagering does pay out big. Online casinos also like to share the news for obvious reasons, like it generates traffic and makes the lucky winning game more popular.

Elizabeth C. was one such winner at Liberty Slots online casino. 51 year old Elizabeth, won $12,000 on Saturday and $48,000 on Sunday. Her grand total was sixty grand. She admits that she generally goes for the traditional games and has a passion for Roulette but she also likes the classic 3-reel slot machines.

Elizabeth is a regular at Liberty Slots online casino and this isn't her first payday there but this was the biggest one. She says she has some medical bills to pay off but she wants a new car and a jet skit too.

Elizabeth won the first batch of her cash playing Cash Grab, Liberty 7's and Crazy Cherry but the big win came in on Triple Triple Gold, which is a classic single pay line slot game. The top payout for a bet of three coins is 15,000 coins. The Triple Triple Gold symbol is the symbol you want to see for the big wins.