Funky Chicken Slots Puts Man in Doghouse $38,000 Richer

Last week, Michael B, was sitting at home minding his business and playing a little online casino gaming. It was late and his wife was fast asleep, well that is until she woke suddenly to his shouting. Michael B was playing at Liberty Slots Casino, on one of the casino's most popular games, the Funky Chicken slot from WGS, when he turned a $100 deposit into a $38,000 bank roll in just half an hour.

Liberty Slots is offering all players a Funky Chicken Casino Bonus of 200% added to your next deposit and receive 100 free spins on the Funky Chicken slot. This offer is available until July 31, 2016. Liberty Slots manager, Mark Ramirez said, "I've seen lots of players turn a small deposit into a huge bank roll but they don't often accumulate so much so quickly!"

Michael B's story starts like this, he made his usual $100 deposit and then started out betting just $3.75 per spin. When he hit the free spin multiplier and suddenly had $1000 in his account, he felt confident and upped his bets to $12.50, then $25 and finally $200 per spin. He continued on with the crazy barnyard five reels and 25 pay line slot game.

Ramirez said, "Three scatter symbols trigger 15 free spins with an up to 10X prize multiplier. "Once you hit the free spin multiplier at that level on this game you're winning some serious money. It took Michael all of 25 minutes to take his bank-roll from $1500 to $38,000, all from a $100 purchase!"