Well of Wonders by Thunderkick

You’d expect to see a well in the image for this slot, and you won’t be disappointed. This one is covered in runes though, so we are not sure whether that indicates a magical theme or whether there is something else afoot. As the game begins, it becomes clear this is not a slot at all. Instead, it is a game bringing us a different way to play. This one is unusual, but more of an instant win game – if you’re lucky!

There are seven runestones hovering above the well. The well itself has six number underneath it, each one written on a stone. They go from one through to two, four, eight, 16, and finally 32. You will discover what those are about in a moment. But first, let’s work out what you must do to scoop a prize.

The idea is to get three or more identical runestones to win the prize associated with that stone. And those numbers beside the well are multipliers. The idea is that whenever you get three or more matching stones, you win the associated prize before the winning ones are removed and others take their place. Each consecutive time this occurs, the multiplier increases by one position. So, if you get enough consecutive wins, you would get the x32 multiplier to give you the chance of winning a huge prize in the Well of Wonders game.