Fortune Dragon Slots

Genesis again, you may ask, if you have been reading our recent news releases about forthcoming slot games. Yes, they have been busy of late, and we have yet another of their titles to share with you here. Fortune Dragon is an intriguing game featuring lots of dragons all shaped roughly like figure eights. You’ll see a yellow, a green, and a blue dragon. As you might guess, this means we get a three-reel game with just a single payline on it, and there are no other symbols involved in the presentation. If you like simple, straightforward games, we think Fortune Dragon is a very nice one to try.

You can win prizes for any combination of the dragons on the payline too. You may think with just three involved, you’d win something on every spin, but that is not the case unfortunately. The reels can stop with the payline in between the symbols, so it’s possible to lose out like that.

Fortune Dragon permits up to three coins to be played on the payline. This means you have some control over the value of the potential prizes to be won. For example, the top prizes are given for getting three yellow dragons on the payline. With one, two, or three coins placed as a line bet, you would win 100, 200, or 400 coins as your top prize. Perhaps not as big as the prizes you could win in other slots, but this is a nice streamlined game to try.