Sacred Stones Slots

That is the big question, and early indications are just as good as they always are with Playtech titles. The Sacred Stones title is handily shown in stone form in the middle of the screen, sitting on some grass. Around those words, we see what appear to be a selection of runes in different colors.

Once we get into the game itself, we see it does indeed feature various runes with markings on them. We can also look for a wild rune with three different-colored sides involved. This appears in stacks on the second, third, and fourth reels, but not the other two. It also substitutes for everything, which is good to know.

This is one of those games that lets the winning symbols explode whenever they occur. These explosions can happen consecutively if you get several wins in a row. This is what you must aim to do, because after five or more consecutive wins and explosions, you enter free spins territory. The more consecutive wins you get on the pillar, the more free spins you will receive. Five explosions win you five free games, but you will keep on going to see if you can win more. Getting 10 consecutive explosions rewards you with a massive 50 free games! That’s the biggest highlight of Sacred Stones slots.