Café Casino Player Wins 150K Through Keno

What would it be like to win $150,000 playing Keno? One lucky player from Florida knows the answer to that. Filippo M managed to scoop that very sum playing Keno Draw at the popular online casino, Café Casino. It wasn’t a progressive jackpot either, which tells you why lots of players are discovering and loving this game!

While Keno has been around for a long time, Café Casino is seeing a huge uptake in the number of players trying the new Keno Draw game. This is popular for lots of reasons, not least of which is the fact you can customize the color scheme used in the game. It’s also playable across all devices.

Filippo M placed a dollar bet to unlock his big prize, but Keno Draw is playable for as little as one cent if you want to bet less than that. The biggest bet is $10. The size of the prize relates to the size of the bet, with a cool $1 million on offer for the top prize on a ten-dollar bet. But like Filippo, we think you’d be cool with a six-figure sum too!