Lucky Player Gets a Royal Flush and a Big Win at Bovada Casino

Keen poker players will know that a Royal Flush is a great hand to have. It is also very hard to find. However, one fortunate player – Douglas P from Georgia – managed to find just that when he played Let ‘Em Ride at Bovada Casino recently. The game is designed for easy play by one person, and Douglas managed to get the hand that brought a 1,000-1 payout on his bet.

How did it happen? The three hole cards Douglas started with were all able to contribute to the Royal Flush hand.He decided to raise his bet by $10 and then a community card was dealt that got him one step closer. The game then progressed through the next round of betting, and the final card Douglas was dealt got him the result he was hoping for. He was looking at the elusive Royal Flush.

But while he got the 1,000-1 payout for getting that hand, it also happened to be the trigger to unlock the progressive jackpot – every last cent of it. At the time, that happened to be worth $91,859, and when his Royal Flush win was added on, Douglas had a total win worth $111,879. That is reason enough for us to congratulate him on that amazing win! If you’re interested in trying your luck with Let ‘Em Ride, you will be pleased to hear the progressive pot has already climbed back to over $13,000… and continues to go higher too.