Rich Palms Casino

Rich can mean many different things. Regarding an online casino, it's nice to see a design that is rich in detail and yet doesn't complicate things too much. We think Rich Palms Casino has just the right balance here, offering a cartoon design that shows the front of the casino, with a few people walking past. This casino may be fresh, but we think it is going to become very popular in short order. Let's find out why.

Who is providing the basic software platform here?

The casino is using the Realtime Gaming software platform to operate on. This means one thing above all else - you're going to get access to all their best games. In fact, you're going to get the chance to play them all, and they've got plenty of varied options and game experiences in their collection. If you like their games, Rich Palms is a good place to consider joining. If you're new to them, it's a great place to find out more.

Do they present you with a great lobby to look around?

Definitely - in fact, this is one of our favorites. It looks very smooth and clean, and since many casinos can make this complicated, it is nice to see something different. The games menu is presented over to the left of your screen on a computer, with eye-catching game logos appearing on the right. This gives you access to everything you need without using a complicated design there is no need for. We wish every other casino nailed their design as well as this one does.

Are there any limitations on who can sign up?

Yes, as you might have guessed, not all players will get the chance to play at Rich Palms Casino. Read through their complete terms and conditions before you do anything else. It is up to you to make sure you are of legal age to participate in online gambling before signing up, and to ensure your location does allow this. The casino itself provides a list of locations that are not accepted, so you should check your country doesn't appear on that. We did not see the USA on that list, so that is promising. Australia and Canada don't appear on it either.

What types of games could you play if you visit the casino?

If you can guess at a few game categories here, you'll probably have a fair idea of the games you could soon play as a member. Table games appear at Rich Palms Casino, along with the usual mix of slots. Perhaps most appealing of all is the small collection of more unusual titles in the specialty area. Watch out for Fish Catch and Banana Jones Slots among others. While these are sometimes promoted as slot games by RTG, they're not… there are a few similarities but try them and you'll see how different they are.

Back to the finest slots around today

Yes, let's get back to these at Rich Palms Casino, since this is the richest area of games you can expect to see. If you want to review some of their most successful slots in terms of themes and prize possibilities, we recommend you visit the popular area for games at the casino. Kung Fu Panda and Lucha Libre 2 Slots are just two of many successful titles to have been released.

Playing some demo games to get you underway

Not all casinos offer demo games, much less so when would-be players rather than members are involved. That's not true of this casino though. If you would rather try some games first, before using any of your available budget to play the real versions, you can do so easily at Rich Palms. This means you can find some that tick the boxes that are most important to you when you get started.

Switching to real games to play at Rich Palms Casino

Making this swap is easy once you are signed into your account at the casino. You can try a demo first and then swap over to the real version once you are content with what you've seen. Games start from just one cent per wager, so you can either try those (i.e. penny slots and the like) or move up to a pricier game if you have a larger budget.

Should you expect lots of new slots to appear at the casino?

There is a section for new games, so this is where all new slots are going to appear. You might also see a few other new titles mixed in, but most are going to be slots. The good thing about this being an RTG casino is that they are known for developing regular new releases, especially where slots are concerned. So, if you join the casino, you'll find anything new from RTG in there very quickly.

Promotions go beyond new players

It's good to be treated as a new player, and you'll certainly get that experience when you sign up to the casino. There are three deposit bonuses to be had, worth 250%, 275%, and 300% in turn. The second deposit also receives a 50% cashback offer, so that makes it better still.

However, while some casinos stop there with the bonuses, that isn't the case at this casino. They've got different deals available on different weekdays, with a Weekend Star Show to look forward to as well. The way these deals are promoted is different to how other casinos work, making this unusual in a very appealing way.

Look down the home page to discover some tournament chances

You'll learn a bit more about tournaments there, but we recommend you go through to the section when invited to find out more. You can discover who won the most recent events and see what might be coming up soon that you could take part in too. It seems as if the more you play, the more entries you get into that tournament. Of course, full instructions come with each one.

Any information on winners at Rich Palms Casino?

Not yet, although we did pay a visit to the casino when it had only just been launched. They do highlight some of the most popular progressive slot games you can play, such as Fire Dragon Slots and Aztec Millions, so watch out for the chance to try those.

Can players get other rewards for being members of the casino?

Yes, you can become a member of their Rich Club if you're a member of the casino. It looks like you might have to sign up for this separately, but this can be done from the Rich Club page. There are several levels, beginning with the Black Card level and ending in the best one of all, called the Millionaire Card level. Comp points, special bonuses, and other advantages can be found at each stage.

Is there any need for an app if you use the mobile casino?

No, the mobile version of Rich Palms Casino is just as simple to use as the computer version. The games load in your mobile browser, getting rid of the need to download anything to your Android or iOS device.

The casino also allows you to play without registration

This is never something you can guarantee, but if you like trying some games before you decide to join a casino, you'll be happy to hear you can do so at Rich Palms. Loading a demo takes only a second or two, and once you've done that, you can check it out in detail.

There is an affiliate opportunity here too

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Rich Palms Casino, you can follow the link provided on their site. This takes you to Superior Share, the company that handles the program for the casino.

You can't take part in any sports betting though

Sadly, this isn't part of the site. Don't expect to find any sports bookies here to take wagers on major sporting events.

Any chance of reading a blog post or any forum entries?

You may be able to find such content online, but nothing of the sort is available at the casino itself.

You won't be greeted by any live dealers either

You can check out some table games, certainly, but none are offered live with real dealers in play.

Deposit options at Rich Palms Casino

You can use credit cards as listed on their banking page or go for something different such as Neosurf or Bitcoin. They also accept an Instant Gift Card option.

Withdraw funds using one of several methods

All cards on offer at the casino can be used for withdrawals and deposits. Bitcoin is fine for withdrawals too. Also provided is a bank wire transfer.

Can you get more for your Bitcoin deposit?

You can if you are new, since your first three deposited amounts could be completed with their special 300% Bitcoin deal if you follow the instructions given on the site.

How can you receive help?

We suggest looking around the site to start with. There is a lot of detail on the banking page and in the FAQ area. Meanwhile, the contact page provides an email address along with a phone number to use if need be.