Around the World Slots

Around the World Slots Game is based on that classic film Around the world in 80 Days, where Mr. Phileas Fogg's took a bet that he could travel round the world in 80 days, the story line covered his race to beat the clock and the places he traveled to including the different modes of transport he used. This classic movie was based on the French adventure writer, Jules Verne's novel which was published in 1873. Mr Fogg from London and his newly appointed valet Passepartout embarked on this journey because of a wager of '£20,000 made between Mr Fogg's friends at the Reform Club. The whole theme of the game is reminiscent of this movie and the icons look like clips from the movie.

Playing the game

There are five spinning reels, and 20 wagering lines. And symbols on the reels are the Hot Air Balloon, a Compass, a train, a Ship, a Boat, a bi-plane, a Camel, an Elephant, a Globe and Binoculars, all play a part in this game.

Wilds and Scatters

Phileas Fogg is one of the two wilds, when Mr Fogg Appears with two other or more symbols then a wins are mutiplied by 2x. Five on the reels ia a very generous payout of 10,000 coins. The Second wild is the Around the World Logo, it also substitutes for other symbols and it pays out 5,000 coins for five on the reels.

The Compass is the scatter symbol and it triggers the free spins feature, 3x on the reels gives 2 free spins and 16 coins, 4x on the reels gives 10 free spins and 160 coins, 5x on the reels will give 25 free spins and 800 coins. If the Compass points north it will give a cumulative winning amount of 2x. And if you get 5 compasses pointing north then the payout is 32x.

The Globe Bonus Game

The game is triggered by getting 3 or more of the globe symbols. When that happens you are taken to a new screen and given a choice to either collect all your winnings, collect half of your winnings, that can be done until you feel comfortable about the amount you wish to bet, then the bet button. Once you choose the bet button you will be given a choice of four journeys, there is a world map above and each journey is outlined, choose wisely because of you get the boat that sinks you loose all your bet money. If you make it to the next stop your money is multiplied by 2x, 3x, or 4x, you can bet until you lose or you can collect anytime you wish or even cut your bet in half any time in the game until you lose. Just be aware of the sinking ships they end the game.

Autopilot your game

You have a choice of setting to auto spins, you can set up to 25 auto spins at a time. During the auto spins you can watch the game happening or do something else, like answer the phone.